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Legal translation by Trans-Com


Legal translation by Trans-Com

Business correspondence is conducted all over the world every day, partner agreements are being concluded, contracts and contracts are being signed. They can concern trade, tourism, banking, insurance, medicine, litigations and many other things. Businessmen use, as a rule, at the realization of transactions the lawyers that are on the staff of the firm involved. The participation of lawyers is very important to provide that the legal document did not break the rights of the parties signing it.

Translation of buisness correspondence

Drawing up of contracts, licenses, according to the current legislation of the given state, is a complex and responsible task, which needs knowledge of the subtleties of legal business. But it is necessary to be more cautious in times when similar agreements are concluding between foreign companies, - each country has its own features of its legal system. In that case you need lawyers competent in the legislation both of the native state, and the state of the partner. They will help to make competently the necessary legal document and to translate it to the language of the company-partner.

Apparently from the aforesaid, the lawyers, engaged in legal translations, should know perfectly the laws and terminology of that sphere of the international relations to which the given documents concern. By translating legal texts into a foreign language it is not enough to use specialized dictionaries. It is necessary to use the exact legal terms because free interpretation is not allowed in business correspondence, agreements, and especially in contracts. The language of legal translation should be especially exact, clear and authentic, irrespective of from what and to what language translation of the document is carried out: from English to Russian or from German. Hence, the translation of legal texts is the field of professionals who understand idioms and set phrases, terms with Latin roots, and which are typical for jurisprudence.

Depending on the activity of your company the translation of texts of legal character can be both daily, and rarely needed. Therefore the employment of specialist employees with a knowledge of foreign languages and features of legal translation as members of the permanent staff of a firm is not always justified. The optimum solution in the given situation may be to employ a translation agency which is able to work with contracts, business correspondence and other official documents.

The translations bureau "Trans-Com" is one of the few where professional lawyers knowing all details of lexical formulas of the specialization are engaged in translation of legal literature. Our clients trust us with varying and different texts. They do not doubt, that the translation of legal documents will be executed at a high level and will not cause remark from partners. They are sure, that our translators will not distort the contents of agreements or licenses and will keep confidentiality of business correspondence of the company.
If you need a quality legal translation refer to us. We shall justify your hopes for quality and confidentiality in translation.

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