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Online translators


Online translators

Online translators are translation programs available on the Internet; online translators are very necessary and useful. Now many people have to work with texts and documentation which are available in foreign languages only. In particular, this concerns sites on the Internet that are written in another language. For those who know the foreign language perfectly, it is simple, but if the necessary knowledge does not suffice, there are problems.

One of the ways to avoid these difficulties are the translation online-programs. The Internet has many online translators. We shall discuss those of them which seem to us the most accessible and user-friendly.
Let's begin with one of the most known such software packages on the Russian Internet.

Russian online translator PROMT

Russian program PROMT which until recently was referred to as Stylus and is known by many users under this name. The last product using the name Stylus was produced in 1997; the company has been releasing the translation program under the name PROMT since 1998.

The online translator PROMT is on site http: // www.translate.ru. It allows working with a lot of languages: Spanish, English, Russian, French, and German. Such a wide range of languages at a free-of-charge translation program is a rarity.
The site has a free-of-charge registration of users, which opens access to new opportunities. It allows: connection of additional dictionaries, the text and additions being translated up to 2000 symbols, access to additional grammatical information of each word chosen from the electronic dictionary, the printing of the initial text etc.
The service of online translator PROMT can be used even if a computer does not have Russian letters. The site has an excellent virtual keyboard by means of which it is easy to type the text.

To sum-up let us say that online translator PROMT is an optimal solution for those who need to translate big texts, but have no time or wish to work with each word separately.

Online translator "Socrat"

The next online translators concerns series of translators "Socrat" - the professional translation systems, developed by company "Arsenal".
The program "Socrat" is the most simple free-of-charge program which allows the translation of words and sentences from Russian to English and from English to Russian. There is also a program package "Socrat Server", intended for the translation of texts from English, German and French to Russian and back in a network / Intranet. Base dictionaries of the English-Russian and Russian-English language pairs of system "Socrat Server" contain about 110,000 words and expressions in each direction (common, business and computer subjects). There are also some tens of additional thematic dictionaries: medical, oil-and-gas, automobile, etc. The system stipulates an updating of already released dictionaries and the creation of new ones.
"Socrat Internet" represents a browser on the basis of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0. It allows seeing the original of any page on the Internet and its translation, in parallel displayed at each movement between links. At the same time all design of the page - pictures, fonts, and tables - is completely kept. "Socrat Internet" can translate pages by the direct indication of the user or automatically after the user goes to the next page. "Socrat Internet" determines subjects of the page and connects the necessary thematic dictionaries for a more exact translation. The built-in dictionaries of this online translator contain more than 150 thousand words.
Summing up, we shall note, that having chosen online translators "Socrat", you can translate texts of any level of complexity.

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