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Subjects of translations from Russian into English | Trans-Com translation agency


Subjects of translations

Recently the following subjects of translation became especially popular: electrical engineering, electronics, mechanical engineering, energetics, microelectronics, software, construction (building machines and equipment). These subjects of translation demand special attention to the quality of translation and the presence of a translator of wide experience in the corresponding area. Originals for translation are often instructions on use and maintenance of the equipment, Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), standards, specifications, etc.

Translation in the field of electrical engineering

The basic materials for translation on a theme of "electrical engineering" are instructions and operation manuals. We suggest you to take advantage of our experience in translation of texts about electrical engineering. Technical correctness of the translation will help you to secure future users of the electro technical equipment.

Translation in the field of electronics

Translation of texts and oral translation in the field of electronics are a speciality of our bureau. Computers have entered into our life; the new and qualitative computer literature which is accessible, basically, in English is required constantly. Translation from English is demanded for instructions on use of the computer equipment too. Certainly, translations of texts on electronics are not limited to translations on the theme "Information technologies and computer equipment". You can order professional translation of any texts on electronics from us.

Translation in the field of mechanical engineering

Professional translation of texts on mechanical engineering is a complicated task. Texts on mechanical engineering can different categories of complex technical texts; work with them demands the long-term experience of translation of texts on mechanical engineering, the availability of specially developed dictionaries and an extensive terminological database. Professional translators of our bureau meet all the said requirements, therefore we can promise you high quality and efficiency of performance of translations of texts on mechanical engineering.

Translation in the field of energetics

Translation of texts in the field of energetics is a highly specialized area. Terminology in this branch is unique, and special attention is needed for the translation of abbreviations. Only people who constantly work with the given subjects are familiar with the necessary approved terms and abbreviations. Our translators possess the knowledge and experience to carry out quality translations in the field of energetics (including the translation in the field of nuclear-power engineering).

Translation in the field of microelectronics

The microelectronics has made a revolution in processing, reception, storage and the transfer of information. Today microelectronics is developing very fast; new devices and, accordingly, new terms are being developed practically each day. Very few translators have the experience of professional translation of technical texts in all the fields of microelectronics at the same time. We have translators specializing in translations in the field of microelectronics whose quality are simply not available in other bureaus. Therefore we can offer the best quality translation of texts on microelectronics.

Translation of software

Translation of software is an important direction of activity in our bureau of translations. We translate:

  • translation interfaces of programs
  • translation of help files
  • translation of documentation for software
  • Competent translation of software allows it to win more popularity quickly among users.

    Translation in the field of construction (building machines and equipment)

    The sphere of construction is developing very fast; there is a necessity for the translation of texts for building subjects of great volume (for example, the design documentation, requirements to architectural building decisions, etc.), and also in oral translation on a theme of construction for the carrying out of negotiations with foreign partners. Our translators carry out oral and written translation in the field of construction.

    Translation offers

    Bureau of translations "Trans-Com" offers you quality translation of texts and oral translation on other subjects of translation too. You can order from us translations which concern any field of activity - from private correspondence up to legal translations and translations of documentation. Professionals of our bureau do the best to make an exact translation of the original, in view of linguistic features, subjects of translation and formatting of the document.

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