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Technical translations from Trans-Com


Technical translations from Trans-Com

By definition, technical translation is a translation of technical specialized literature to which various instructions, descriptions, characteristics sheets and other similar documents concern. At first sight, technical translation does not seem to have some difficulties as it is written in extremely simple clear language. But when there is a necessity for the competent translation of engineering specifications, for example, from English to Russian, you understand all the complexity of a task in view.

Technical translation requires

For correct technical translation it is required not only perfect knowledge of a foreign language, but the knowledge of terminology of that sphere to which your document concerns. You can understand the content of the English or German sentence, but you will be unable to express it in Russian so that you will be correctly understood. Quite often there are difficulties during the translating of terms, because not all translators know the specific slang in foreign languages.

Problems of incorrect technical translation

It is known, that inexact translation of the description of technological process can ruin manufacture entirely. Incorrectly translated maintenance instructions of complex equipment will accelerate its lifespan, and the translation of some foreign word to Russian or other language without taking into account sphere of its application will cause problems for even a professional of the business.

Therefore when you make translations of specialized literature, whether it be a characteristics sheet or a guarantee certificate, but you do not know necessary terminology, is better to ask our professional translators. We not only know perfectly English and German, but we understand also perfectly such areas as: electrical engineering, energetics, mechanical engineering, electronics, software, and construction etc.

Our technical translators work both with the most simple documents, and with the complex ones. We not simply "put" the suitable terms in sentence, but we watch carefully the accuracy of translation so that the text is clear to experts of a certain sphere.

Employees of our bureau, engaged by translation of instructions, descriptions, etc., have, as a rule, a base technical education and a significant operational experience in a speciality of science and the industry. We know well the terminology not only in Russian, but also in German and English. If necessary our translators consult with native speakers.

If you are interested in the professional translation of technical documentation we shall be glad to cooperate with you. Each client helps us to be more professional and to expand the terminological base of our bureau. Refer your work to us and we shall help each other!

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