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Translation of sites


Translation of sites

Opportunities of the Internet for the promotion of goods or services are practically boundless. Using the Internet, a company can offer production not only in a region, but also worldwide, to sell the goods to the consumer which is on another continent. Everything, that for this purpose is necessary - to create the version of a site (or its part) in a foreign language.
Translation of sites is a specific activity which belongs to a special kind of translation services. Why is this so?

Specificity of translation web pages

  • First, texts of web-pages will be read by native speakers. Therefore a qualified skilled translator should carry out the translation of a site.
  • Secondly, only an expert understanding of the rules of html-files can make a quality translation of a site. The variant of teamwork with translation of texts of the site (professional translator and web-programmer or the expert on promotion of sites) is possible also. The translation of a site executed by a professional translator without taking into account the specificity of the Internet can be useless (low attendance owing to discrepancy of terminology of a site to the basic search inquiries), and in some cases can even be harmful (if the result of a formalistic approach to translation is a text corresponding to the original, but perceived by an audience inadequately).
  • Thirdly, a web-page is usually a complex object containing not only text blocks, but graphic objects also - elements of the menu, graphic headings of pages, logos, figures. Therefore a simple text translation of a site will be insufficient for a high-grade localization. Sometimes the pages of a site should be reimposed, i.e. should have created new pages with use of the translated text, so that their design coincides with the original. The translated site should not differ from the base settings in anything, except for language.
  • Translation bureau "Trans-Com" translates sites

    The translation bureau "Trans-Com" translates sites, appendices and databases to English and German from Russian, and also from English and German to Russian. If you wish to transmit information contained on your site to the entire world, our experts are ready to help you.

    The translation of a site includes

  • Translation of the interface of a site
  • Translation of scripts and dialogues
  • Translation of databases
  • Translation of graphic design of the site
  • Translation of help files
  • Technical translation
  • Translation of other texts on the site.
  • We render translation services of a site at any stage of development of an Internet-project. Our professional translators can work together with your programmers or can perform all work on the creation of a site independently.

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